Sakura is a conceptual sushi restaurant that needed a logo. A small brief was sent to me where they stated they wanted a logo that includes the name Sakura and they liked the idea of an icon with the text.
The project started with only the logo, but a logo needs a place to live. I was inspired to create an identity around it to show the feeling of how the brand could be represented, and how the conceptual company could apply the logo.
I used a combination of typography and patterns to apply consistently over the restaurant's materials. I directed what type of images would best convey the style and experience you could expect at this sushi restaurant.
To differentiate themselves from the competition, the brand needed to convey that at their restaurant you won't just get great sushi but also a memorable experience. To show that the staff are as interested in you being there and enjoying your presence as they are working hard and putting their passion into your food.
The food design is intricate and elegant, using blacks and whites to add contrast which makes the dishes look juicy and delicious.
When choosing the font, reflecting simple Japanese minimalism was important. Matching the Kanji style with the English helps east and west harmonise in shared visual spaces.

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